Sometimes you find music in the weirdest places.

A friend and I were eating at a pub on Wednesday afternoon enjoying a beer or two.  The place was really quiet and I think the waitress was quiet bored because she told us she was a singer/songwriter and wanted to sing us a song.

My friend and I kinda rolled our eyes and begrudgingly said yes.  We honestly weren’t looking forward to it. But then Jocelyn Alice brought out her guitar, sat two feet from us and start singing.  Our jaws dropped.  It was unbelievable.  Seriously.  We were shocked. When she finished singing, I immediately said: “Why do you live here? You need to be in Toronto or Vancouver, like NOW.”  She laughed modestly and said she was headed to L.A. in just a few days.

Can you all do me a favor and please listen to her and let me know what you think?  To me, she is a perfect example of if she can’t  get a record deal, who the hell can?!

(The audio on the video isn’t awesome, you can listen to a better version here.)

I also loved that Jocelyn wasn’t shy and took the bold step of playing for complete strangers!  She is going to go far, she simply has to!

Mike Morrison


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