So this is weird timing… Only hours after I wrote about my fears of losing MTV Canada’s Aliya Jasmine to an American network, Calgary-native Jessi Cruickshank has just announced that she is in fact leaving MTV Canada for a job in the USA.

Was it something I said?

Cruickshank took to her twitter account to make the big anncouncement:

“The rumours are true. After 4 years, 102+ After Shows and many a questionable outfit, I am moving to LA for a job opportunity there…I promise not to get 10 plastic surgeries and that I will be on your TVs again in Canada very soon! Keep following for updates and above all.”

No announcement on what the job will be, but other Canadian VJs have made the move down south with relative success.  Most notably, MuchMusic’s Rachel Perry who is essentially the voice of VHI.

Hopefully Jessi’s this will be mean that MTV will be hiring some fresh talent too!  With the exception of Paul The Intern, the network hasn’t hired a single new personality since its inception

(Story via Out Is Through)

Mike Morrison


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