This is exactly why I need my own show:

Seriously how good did MTV’s Jessi and Dan look last night!?
It’s kinda crazy, especially if you know how much difficulty these two had leading up to hosting The Hills/City Finale Live Aftershow. Jesse’s dress was stuck at customs and Dan’s hotel got flooded. And no, I’m not a stalking them, I just follow them on Twitter.
I have a feeling that if I had my own show, I too would look like a superstar and not be wearing the same clothes I wore five years ago. You laugh because I think I’m joking. I assure you, I’m not.
On top of looking HOT, and whether you are a fan of the quasi-reality shows or not, you definitely have to admire Jessi and Dan for taking their Canadian show and turning it into an international phenomenon. I remember when they used to drink out of red plastic cups, ahh those were the days!
Congrats Jessi and Dan!

Mike Morrison