>WWE wrestler Chris Jericho is in a lot of trouble today after getting into an altercation with fans in Victoria, BC. Chris was swarmed a group of losers fans who began to taunt and scream at Jericho like it was recess on a playground.

You can watch the video below, but I’m warning you, it’s not easy to watch.

I’ve actually had the opportunity to get to know Chris Jericho over the past couple of years and I’ve always found him to a really great person, which is why this video is especially hard to watch.

Jericho’s actions are awful, there is no denying that. What he did was wrong and he will have to deal with his actions. But the video is also another demonstration of how ridiculous fans can become.

I think the real losers in this video are these people who took time out of their day to yell and torment someone for something that everyone knows and acknowledges is fake. To be a fan of wrestling is one thing, there is nothing wrong with that. But to allow yourself to actually be angry and scream and taunt someone is just plain stupid. Imagine if these people took their energy and put it to something productive, a lot of things for a lot of people would be different now.

Mike Morrison