What did we ever do to the hollywood studios?
You Tube launched a new program today that allows it users to watch full tv shows (Harper’s Island, BH 90210, The Tick, Newsradio) and full length movies (Carrie, St. Elmo’s Fire) for free and legally!
This is obviously great news for a generation of people that would rather download off Limewire for free.  But there is just one issue….
You have to be in the States to watch them.
This is the second video site that offers full length shows and movies that screws over Canadians, yeah I’m talking to you Hulu.com
Thus sucks?  What did we ever do the hollywood movie studios that they refuse to give over the rights to us poor cold Canadians?
But all is not lost.  You can do what I do, and install a free Hotspot Shield on your computer.  When you turn it on, it changes your isp number to an american one, so sites like HULU and Youtube think I am watching in Detroit, Bangor or someother american city!  Is it ethical?  Maybe not, but no one can keep me away from my Doogie Howser MD.

Mike Morrison