Wednesday was a big day for Vancouver musician Jasper Sloan Yip.

He was CBC Radio 3’s 20,000th artist uploaded to their online music library!

To celebrate this milestone, Jasper Sloan Yip will receive a full day of professional recording time at CBC Radio 3 studios, a Sirius satellite radio, a CBC Radio 3 prize pack and air-play on CBC Radio 3!
I feel bad for whoever was 20,001.
I am actually a huge Radio 3 fan and listen quite a lot. Mostly during the day when I’m trying to find new music to listen to. I once sat behind CBC Radio 3 host, Craig Norris and was too nervous to speak to him. I quietly said his name a couple of times, telling myself if he turned around I would say hi, but (luckily) he never did.

Mike Morrison