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Everyone loves a long weekend, but perhaps no one more than Albertans.  That’s because that extra day off means we can take advantage of even more of what the Rocky Mountains have to offer, including the amazingly scenic and world-famous town of Jasper. 

While Calgarians are spoiled with the proximity of great towns like Banff and Canmore, their proximity also means that they are often packed with people, especially on the long weekend. So squeeze every hour out of your weekends why not enjoy one of the country’s most beautiful drives and spend a few days in Jasper?

I don’t go to Jasper as much as I should, it really does have everything that I’m looking for in a small mountain town. Delicious independent coffee shops, great taverns, a small movie theatre (I love going to movies in small towns) and countless restaurants that will make your Instagram-followers drool with envy. 

Especially if you eat at the brand new Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen:

And the drive up? The drive up is simply incredible.  What should only take a few hours, always takes me way longer because I can’t stop pulling over to take in the stunning scenery and endless wildlife sightings. 

Pyramid Lake Resort is one of those places that what I think you probably think about when you think about a mountain getaway.  Located just a few minutes outside of the middle of Jasper, you drive up a winding road, usually passing deer and elk along the way, and soon you find yourself on the edge of Pyramid Lake, which is one of the most iconic views in all of Canada.  Who hasn’t seen photos of the small walking bridge that takes you to Pyramid Island? 

The resort itself is nestled on the edge of the lake, which in the winter times offers you the opportunity to snowshoe, fat bike, skate, and every so often, there’s sleigh rides and curling.

And while you’re out enjoying your winter activities, you always know in the back of your mind that you have a warm room, with a roaring fireplace, a deep bathtub waiting for you when you want to warm up and relax.

And with rates this winter sitting around $120 a night, it’s really one of those amazing deal that makes a winter getaway a must-do this winter.

Another option for hotels, perhaps if you’re looking to access to Jasper’s delicious restaurants and cozy pubs is The Crimson Hotel, which is located on the main drag of the mountain town.  Many rooms come with balconies, so you can take in the 360 mountain views from the comfort of your warm room. That unedited picture of the sunset was from my patio. Come on. It’s beautiful. Some of the rooms are equipped with small kitchenettes, perfect for people like me who like to have a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast instead of going out. Or a late night snack. The hotel is near the edge of the downtown area, so it also means that you can get up and go with relative ease in the morning. 

Photo of Crimson Hotel provided by Pursuit Collection

There’s so many adventures to have in Jasper, that all you have to do is pack your car and get there as fast as you can. The picture-perfect mountain town will take care of the rest.

Mike Morrison