November 1st is going to be a day that Jann Arden will likely remember for a very long time!

Because today is the day that the Canadian songstress releases both a new CD and a new book! The CD is called Uncover Me 2 and this actually marks her 11th (!!!) album. Can you believe that? The album is a collection of covers featuring songs by artists like Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Roy Orbison.

Fun Jann Arden fact: She was actually the first and second concert that I’ve ever seen!

Her memoir, which is also released today, is entitled Falling Backwards it’s supposedly an extremely candid look at the singer’s life, including the highs of writing countless hits and the lows of dealing with her brother who is incarcerated for 1st degree murder.

There’s no plans yet, but I’m hoping that all this writing and singing means that Jann will soon be hitting the road and going on tour. Living in Calgary means that she’ll definitely be coming home, but getting tickets is always another story!

If you’re not following Jann on Twitter, I think she’s a must follow. Lots of insightful posts, funny thoughts and luckily, lots of pics of her cute dog Midi!

Mike Morrison