>In the words of the late great Lily Kane:
“I have a secret and it’s a good one.”
So late last week I got a phone call, with little warning I was picked up and I was brought to a dark ally and led down some even darker stairs. There, in a dark room, I was met by some of Energy 101.5’s biggest and most influential decision makers and was made to sign a contract that I’m fairly certain made reference to giving away my first born. (The joke is obviously on them since everyone knows my TIVO is my one and only child.)

Anyway, back to the dark room. It was there, over the span of an hour, that the radio station filled me in on what is quickly becoming Calgary’s most-talked about secret. Everyone seems to know that something is coming, but what?! As per the above referenced contract, I am sworn to secrecy but I can honestly tell you that when they told me my mouth fell to the floor in shock! I’m not even joking when I tell you that it is the most exciting thing I had heard of since this!

The secret, which is revealed next Monday, is what I call a game-changer for the Calgary radio industry which has become uber-competitive with the arrival of seven new stations in the past 18 months. Without giving anything away I can tell you this, no matter where you are in Canada (or the world) you want to be listening live at 7:15am next Monday. I promise you will be shocked to your Gossip Girl watching-core. So far they’ve only been showing the above cheesy graphic as a promo. Does it have a clue in it? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. (But seriously, I’m an awful secret keeper, that is seriously the only secret I will never tell and that’s only because I don’t like not getting sued).

And afterwards make sure you check back with Mike’s Bloggity Blog as I will exclusives that you will need to know.

I’ve probably already said too much.

Mike Morrison