Monday, March 3st, 2008

If you are an Albertan this day should be very important to you. No, it’s the not the return of the Hills (that’s not until the 24th silly), it’s the Provincial elections.
No, where are you going? Don’t stop reading.

If you are young, consider yourself at least a little intelligent and you care about where you live, it is your responsibility to vote. There are a millions reasons that people come up with not to vote. And none of them are actually reasons. Just cop outs.

They say they don’t know the candidates that well
– Well do you listen to the entire CD before you buy/download it? Do you look to see who wrote it, produced it or provided the tracks. Generally you know what you like when you listen to music, politics really isn’t that different.
You say you don’t have an Alberta ID: It don’t matter. All you need is any drivers licences (preferably yours) and a piece of mail with your Alberta mailing address.

“What’s the point in voting? The same party always wins.” If everyone that thinks this actually voted, this wouldn’t be the case. Fun Fact: Fiddler on the Roof won Best Picture the year that the Conservatives took office.

What difference does it make? I’m just moving back to my province after I’ve made a bunch of money. Well do you know what would make you even more money? Affordable housing. That’s why the Maritimers that have migrated to this province actually hold A LOT of power. Most of us choose not to use it. Check out my CBC interview for more.

Politics are boring. I love me my Perez Hilton. Yeah, I know. Me too. That’s why I wrote this.

So please. Go vote on Monday. We can actually make a difference. Who knows maybe you’ll meet someone cute in the line up.

Mike Morrison