>So. Here we are. Sept 26. A mere 7 days before the premiere episode of the third season of Veronica Mars. Can’t wait a week you say/I said. Well wait no longer. Please find the ENTIRE first episode of the THIRD season!

No but wait, don’t go any where. For the love of all that is good, please watch it. Its only about 40 minutes, and even if you’ve never seen it before, that doesn’t matter. This show is on a new network, so it does a great job of filling in the blanks for new viewers. Having already watched it, I’ll admite there are some parts that are a little confusing for Veronica Virgins, but you’ll get the main point.

I won’t comment on it too much, so you guy’s will go watch it. But…..I LOVE the new theme song remix. I love that Mac is a fulltime regular now. Wallace’s new roomate, Piz, is great. And there is even a little something for you Battlestar Gallactica fans.

Favorite lines:
“Oh lord no!”
“A saturn, owned by a Mars in Neptune!” “Now move your Uranus, the mercury is rising.”
“Boom goes the dynamite!”

I pride myself on only watching good tv. (Die According to Jim, Die). So I will not steer anyone wrong. Do yourself a favor. Watch Veronica Mars.

Mike Morrison