>So today in Calgary it reached a balmy -20 degrees Celsius. Needless to say it is cold. So what does one do when it is sooo cold to warm up?

They think all day about settling into their couch tonight around 9pm to watch perhaps the best part of America’s biggest talent show. That’s right folks Hollywood Week on American Idol is upon us. In fact I am a mere 8 hours away till I watch my favorite episodes of the whole series.

Here are things I hope happen tonight:

-someone will quit!
-when they are in groups, one group member will go off on their own in hopes of outshining his/her group mates.
-two contestants will make out in a pool rather than practice
-lyrics will be forgotten, oh yes lyrics will be forgotten!

and let’s not forget the dramatic finale when our potential finalists are broken up into three groups and three different rooms and the judges break the good or bad news to them by talking very slowly and with lots of mis-leading pauses. Oh yes, American idol is back!

***also: don’t forget about VERONICA MARS****

Mike Morrison