>I’ve had a crazy weekend! It’s a little past midnight on Sunday night and feel like I haven’t stopped! It’s good to stay busy, but gee willerker did it zoom by.

This contains The Amazing Race finale spoilers. Proceed with caution:

Quick recap of thoughts and ideas of this past weekend

-Spiderman 3 on IMAX is awesome. Spiderman 3 in general…eeh. It’s ok, but it didn’t leave me the soaring feeling that the first two did. Bryce Dallas Howard is moving in on Mandy Moore territory for the title of the future Mrs. Morrison. But that’s only because I didn’t let myself see “Lady in the Water”. Then again, I’ve refused to watch “Because I said so”, So it’s pretty much an even playing field.

-I applied for a new reality show this past weekend. I can’t tell you which, because I’m selfish and don’t want to hinder my chances. You might get it out of my roomate though, only because she is partially involved. Cross you fingers.

-Speaking of The Amazing Race (hint), the finale was tonight and I was so disappointed that Dustin and Kandice didn’t win. I mean should her parents be punished for spelling Kandice with a “k”? Of course, but I think they played an awesome race both times. I’m sure they’ll end up on another show any day now.

Speaking of Amber and Rob, I might not quite sure of the consipiracy here, but let’s talk it out. Rob and Amber each played they’re own game of Survivor. Eric and Danielle technically played they’re own Amazing Race, just on different teams. Rob and Amber show up on the Survivor: All Stars and fall in love. Eric and Danielle go back on The Amazing Race: All Stars and pretend they are in love. Amber wins Survivor: All Stars. Eric and Danielle win Amazing Race:All Stars. Seems fishy no?

-Did anyone else think the finale was stalking my trip to Hawaii. They were in Honolulu, I was in Honolulu. Then San Francisco, when I went to San Francisco. Seriously Phil, if you wanna hang out that bad, just call me.

-Although I am from the maritimes. I met the craziest and scariest Newfie ever this weekend. I’ve already had two separate nightmares about him.

-No matter how hard I try, every time I go to the mountains I always get lost and end up in flip flops. Why does this happen? Maybe I’ll never know, but I’ll be damned if the beauty of the mountains gets me every time!

and finally………..

It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Of course, I’m also sharing my birthday with my friends, Amy S, Matt G, Alex G, Falice, and Justin.

What’s today’s ridiculous birthday gift request you might ask? Why that would be: this

The celebration will continue all week. Stay tuned!

Also: Sorry Sarah for canceling on dinner! I owe you big time!

Mike Morrison