>That’s right it’s Hollywood Week time!!! Woohoo!

9:05pm Wow they sent the Canadian home! Oh Jory, we barely knew yee. But we’ll take you back and offer you a beaver tail anytime you want! And that brings us to our first commercial, it almost feels like I’m watching Commercial Idol!

9:09 “Shakira” is up next. Can I kill annoying contestants with my eyes through the TV? Let’s try. Oh maybe I’ll just pay the army reservist to do it. It would be easier.

9:11 Damn Rachel didn’t get through…do it now Rachel, kill Shakira, you got nothing to lose!

9:13 Bailys Brown, is obviously top 24 material.

9:14 Porcelana! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls off couch and curls in the fetal position)

9:16 Nicole’s mama is the bomb. Nicole is not!

9:17 Melinda DoLittle made it through!!!! (slowly uncurling from fetal position)

9:25 Does anyone think that Jared Fowler (Reagan Idol) looks like Snake from Degrassi. Also “You Raise me Up” reminds me of Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais, which is never a good thing!

9:26 It’s nice to see that Matt Sato has found some soap. (I also hate white sneakers…i mean HATE HATE!) Also, I think his Mom might actually live in the cell phone. Like maybe he killed her years ago and has just recorded messages Ferris Bueller style. Maybe I’m reading too much into it though.

9:28 It’s good that Jesus made it through. Carrie Underwood would be happy!

9:30 Group Audition our next! They always remind of the times my family tries to get together, only there are less tears…with the groups.

9:35 OH Matt Matt, go with the crying girl! They are vulnerable! I mean…um…they are good singers. Yes.

9:38 Oh Amanda, I knew you were the slutty best friend. I totally called this! Can you call me? Seriously. It’s going to be a lonely Valentine’s Day.

9:43 Way to go Matt, now your mom doesn’t love you. I hope you are happy!

9:46 Yes Gina took out “Shakira”, whose name turns out to be Perla. Sweet Gina!

9:50 Antonella and Bailey make it through. That’s what you for being slutty.*****wait what!!! I typed that before they cut Bailey. Unbelievable! That slutty girl is awful. Wow! “God likes good people?!?” God must HATE you. Cause I do!

9:52 OH they are doing the “Yes” or “No” rooms one night early…are we going to have to wait till tomorrow night………………….Tonight! Yes! Slutty girl is going home! There is a god! Oh are they going to cut Sunjay’s hair? I hope so.

9:58 So tomorrow night is the final night of auditions, finally we will see who is our Top 24! The judges have essentially thrown out everyone I liked, so I don’t know who I’m cheering for! Oh Melissa DoLittle please make the cut!

that’s it for tonight!

Mike Morrison