>Well, Well, Well. It is done! That’s right after three months of rehearsals and 4 weeks of shows, 21 shows to be exact. She. Is. Done. That’s right the whore that is Rapunzel is finally dead to me! Like a disease you couldn’t get rid of, it seemed I wouldn’t be able to kick her no matter what kind of cream I used!

But the show wasn’t all that bad. I will miss some things. I’ll miss how the kids treated us like celebrities, I’ll miss the amazing cast that were brought on to a good script and changed it to a Great production and I’ll miss….um…yeah I think that was about it.

What won’t I miss? Well there was the costumes that had more safety pins than should be legally allowed and there was the 5 shows crammed into 3 days on our precious weekends. Then there were the kids. Oh the kids. Whether they were telling me to sit down and/or to be quite, they were always on my case. For those of you who didn’t see the show, I was actually the good guy, but for some reason the kids always sided with the wicked witch! Every single time they would rat me out faster than…well something really fast! If the kids had known me personally I could understand why they would want to rat me out, but they didn’t, they knew me as Manny and they still didn’t like me! What am I supposed to do with that? And while I’m at it, Parents, when is it ok for your parents to yell out time and time again that I’m bald? Yes, I know. I AM BALD, I’m pretty sure I’m reminded of this every time I accidently walk down the hair care aisle. Can you please ask your kids to stop pointing out the obvious…now I guess I know what it feels like for those “Oh actually I’m not pregnant” people.

So as the final curtain fell on Rapunzel this afternoon, there was a little bit of relief. The great thing about Calgary is that because the theatre community is so strong, I know I will see all of my cast mates again. I really do love acting and I can’t wait to act with some of these guys again! Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next time!

Mike Morrison