Canadian Idol came back tonight. Now I’ve never been a fan, but since we are flooded in tonight after pretty much the most incredible storm I’ve ever seen, I might as well watch it.

My observations

-Damn Ben Mulroney is still alive. Stupid broken Voodoo doll.
-I loved that they featured American Idol’s Cat McPhee longer than any of Canadian Idols combined. Nice CTV.
-Did that guy just spit during his audition? HILARIOUS!
-American Idol had “The other door”, we have “to the left”.
-I actually really hate Ben. So much. Maybe not him personally, maybe it’s just his writers.
I do like the new roving reporter Dave Kerr. In 2 minutes he was funnier than Ben in the last 5 seasons combined.
-I think my favorite part of Canadian Idol is the French Canadian contestants. “Hhhaint no mountain Iiigh Enough” Gold.
-They only did 15 minutes in Toronto? That doesn’t bode well for this season.
-They listed JD Bigsby (the 16 year old blond country singer) as being from Drumheller, Alberta but said he is from Red Deer. They are about 3 hours apart. I blame Ben.
-Awwww Canadian Idol’s first marriage proposal! Suckers.
-I felt bad for Brendan Paul, why would he pick the Gambler? All had to do is memorize one song! Just one freaking song!
-I’m going to have nightmares about those crazy Winnipeg Rockers.
-Why are they only doing 15 minutes in each city? Did no one show up because they were scared of Ben?
-I think Naomi Joy might be the one to beat. Her, or that hip-hop dancer.
-Holy Liftens the Maritimes kicked ass!!! I’m so pumped!

Next week is Montreal, Vancouver, Saskatoon and London, Ontario!

Does anyone know why they are whipping through the auditions this year?

Mike Morrison