>Okay, so hopefully this will be my last Two Strangers and A Wedding Post….today. The wedding was over 12 hours ago and I’m still trying to process the whole experience. For me it was one I hope I never forget, but I have a horrific memory, so it’s lucky that I have a blog to remind me whenever I see fit.

With all the drama of the wedding aside, today was an amazing day for me as a writer who is still trying to find his place in Calgary. Anytime I go to events like these I often feel overwhelmed by all the journalists around me. They have fancy cameras, microphones and journalism degrees and I just have the knack of making inappropriate jokes whenever I notice a lag in conversation. Barbara Walters I am not.

But today I sorta felt like one of the gang and I think that has a lot to do with the amazing people at Energy 101.5. People always ask if they are as nice as they seem and truth be told, they really really are! A giant big thank you to Meg, Frank, Erin, Zack, Tripp, Shalini, Khaz, Rob, James, Carlos, Monica, Gavin, Conan, Ian and everyone at the Energy crew. You guys are amazing!

I also got to meet the wedding photographers and if you get the chance, take a look at their website, F8 Photography because they are quite amusing characters and they just happen to take great shots.

I’d also like to thank Alexis and Beth from CTV in Toronto who kept in the loop on all the behind scenes stuff. (True Story: Leann Rhimes is in Calgary filming a movie and she asked for a seat at the wedding because she couldn’t miss it. Unfortunately Her filming schedule changed last minute and she couldn’t make it afterall, wouldn’t that have been cool!)

Big Thanks to Shawna from The Communicators who was also really helpful this morning showing me around and sharing a champagne toast with me.

And one last thank you to the over 10,000 people that check out Mike’s Bloggity Blog today! Thank you especially for your comments, even not all of them were super nice (some of them were just down right mean), I’m just always happy to start a discussion! Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you stick around because as regular readers know, there is always drama going down on Mike’s Bloggity Blog.

So that’s it. Two Strangers and a Wedding is done like dinner.

So…..umm….now what do we talk about?

Alexis and Beth from CTV
Freeway and Meg from the Freeway and Meg Morning Show. Natch.

Mike Morrison