Now we’re talking!  Or should I say watching. Afters years of teasing Canada finally has three different streaming services:  Netflix Canada, Shomi and, as of today, Crave TV.  Both Shomi and CraveTV are Canadian products and were previously reserved for Shaw and Rogers customers respectively. And Netflix, well Netflix is basically the giant that started this whole streaming thing.

Over the coming weeks, months, Canadians will no doubt be inundated with ads for all three services, as companies fight for the ever important streaming share.  So what’s the difference between Shomi, CraveTV and Netflix?  Let’s have a closer look!


Cost: $7.99 (Basic) $9.99 (Standard) $11.99 (Premium)
Free trial: One Month.
Exclusives: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, House of Cards, Arrested Development, Bloodline, Sense8, Narcos, Orange Is The New Black
Binge-worthy: British series like Broadchurch and Downtown Abbey.
My top picks: Master of None, The Office, The Walking Dead, Schitt’s Creek, The Mindy Project,


Cost: $8.99
Free trial: Two months.
Exclusive: Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Mr. Robot, The Art of More and Empire
Binge-worthy: Retro kids cartoons like My Pet Monster and Pinky and The Brain.
My top picks: Jane The Virgin, Fresh Off The Boat, Catastrophe, Fargo



crave tv
Cost: $7.99 a month
Free trial: One Month
Exclusives: Manhattan, Billions, HBO Collection,  Showtime Collection
Binge Worthy: Orphan Black
My top picks: Inside Amy Schumer, The Goldbergs, Sex and The City, Sports Night.


Final verdict:  Honestly, I’ll probably get all three for a total of $25/month.  All streaming services offer up enough exclusive shows that I don’t want to miss out on.  Plus, they all work great on AppleTV, so watching Netflix, Shomi or Crave are all really easy.

What about you?  Are you going to get one, two, three or none at all?  Which is your favourite?

Mike Morrison