Did you see South Park on Thursday night?  The internet is a buzz about the hilarious spoof the show did about the Royal Wedding.  What made it even funnier is that this time Canada got the Royal Wedding treatment, as the Prince and Princess of Canada almost exchanged vows, but not without a little drama.

You’ll have to take a look at the video yourself, (if you’re at work, maybe listen with some earphones,) but trust me when I tell you it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious!

Let’s do a Royal Canadian Wedding Roll Call, call we?

-Bryan Adams. Check.
-Cory Hart. Check.
-Capn’ Crunch covered Bishop of Newfoundland. Yup, he’s there.
-Mushroom people of Nova Scotia. Quadruple check.
-Duke and Duchess of Calgary (who both look like me.) Oddly check.

Mike Morrison