Oh Avril.  I gotta be honest, I’m already feeling like I’m going to be spending the rest of my life defending you and your career.  Ever since you’ve first starting wearing those ties all the way to marrying that guy from Sum 41, your career has been filled with misteps and general confusion.  Luckily, your music has always been exactly what I’ve been looking for, which has made defending your music quite enjoyable.

On NYE, Avril released her new single and as expected, it’s freaking catchy as hell.  Even you’ve never liked her in the past, I’d be shocked if you can only listen to it just the once. It’s called ‘What The Hell‘ and if you ‘Like’ Avril’s Facebook page, you can listen to it on the site.  It says you can download it but I can’t seem to figure that part out. Maybe one of my Tween friends can help me out.  I do have to admit, it does seem a little desperate that you have to ‘Like’ her page to be able to check out the song but numbers are numbers and so far, it looks like ‘What The Hell’ is going to be fixed.

So head on over and have a listen. What do you think?  Is Avril back or am I going to have to keep convincing you?

Mike Morrison