>Why isn’t there anything good to watch on Saturday afternoons?

I could have started this entry off with a nice intro, something witty. But I’d rather just get right to the point. Sure it’s a nice day in Calgary today, but I’ve already walked around all morning and I want to sit on my couch and stare at my TV. But there is nothing to watch! Nothing to even stare at.

I skimmed through the TBS schedule. Nothing. Well I mean besides Once and Again, and who hasn’t seen that 43 times. I mean…um…yes….uh..no. No, I haven’t seen it.

Anyway. So sometimes CTV has some crazy shit on the afternoons. A couple of odd repeats of shows. But even they deny mere the little satisfaction I was looking for. Unless you count reruns of the TV show White Fang satisfaction. Who even knew there was a White Fang Tv show?

So I turn to MTV, they are usually pretty reliable. The Hills! (seen it twice), The Hills again (3 times) Two a Days (boo football!) Dancelife (saw it last night, tivoed it!) Man, they are really leaving me hanging here. (also, if anyone knows how I can get myself on the couch of The Hills: Aftershow, please let me know.)

Speaking of Tivo, I should check it out and see what it has taped for me. Family Guy? Nope. Sex and the City? Muh. Monster Garage? Wait..what? Delete.

If I have nothing funny to watch, I have nothing funny to write about. And that’s what I call a lose-lose situation. I suppose I should go outside, enjoy that fresh air while I can. It’s what Al Gore would want me to do. Maybe he is the reason there is nothing to watch. Damn Al Gore.

In case the movie left you wanting more White Fang.

Mike Morrison