Quick, name the most beautiful natural wonder in Canada!  (No, I don’t count.)

I bet you all came up with different answers, but according to a new campaign to elect the  new 7 natural wonders of the world, there’s only one in Canada that may be worthy of the top honour: The Bay of Fundy!

The New7Wonders of Nature campaign actually started back in 2007 and after four years of narrowing down the list,a panel of experts have finally picked the top 28 Official Finalist Candidates.

Now that they have the list done, it’s up to the public to pick the new Top Seven and while, there’s lots of great things about Canada, only the high tides of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick made the cut!  Actually, only two locations in all of North America made the Top 28.

Voting for the New7Wonders of Nature ends on 11.11.11.

And this is something that the Bay of Fundy is taking very seriously, check out the video they made, in an effort to get your vote!

If you’ve never been to the east coast, then you must know that there really is nothing like seeing the Bay of Fundy.  Growing up, it was one of my favourite places to go and now that I live in the prairies of Alberta, I often think about how lucky I was to live right beside the ocean for so long.

Oh New Brunswick, why did your career choices all revolve around call centres!

If you think that the Bay of Fundy is deserving of this amazing honour, then make sure to a moment to vote, it really takes about a minute and since it’s the only Canadian option, everyone in Canada should make sure that our country is on the list!

Mike Morrison