File this under: career suicide.

I never really announced it, but I stopped following and reading Perez Hilton after the whole Will.i.am dibacle, it’s been hard, but my life seems to be back on track, with the help of twitter and BBQ Ruffles chips.

Well it turns out that apparantly I’m not the only Canadian is who fed up with Perez.

Perez was supposed to make a paid guest appearance at the River Rock Casino Resort (richmond, bc) on August 15th. But after tons of hype only 12 tickets were sold. No, that is not a typo, I’ll spell it just to be sure: TWELVE.


So the show has been scrapped and Perez has made absolutely no mention of it.

Raise your hand if you are surprised!

semi-related note: I too do guest appearances. My payment is no-cover and a rye and coke. Discuss.

Mike Morrison