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Shows like Lost tread sticky water. It is an immensly popular cult hit that has millions of dedicated hard core followers. I am a fan of lost, i’ve watched it from the beginning, but by no means consider myself a Lostie, or whatever the Trekkie equivalent of a Lost fan would be.

I watch Lost for the characters, the writters have given us amazing stories for each of the surviors of Oceanic Flight 815 that always leaving wanting more. However, therin lies the problem. How long must we wait until we see our favorite characters again. It has literally been months since we’ve seen Jin. And seriously where is Bernard and Rose?

The most successful of TV shows allow the viewer to come back and see how their characters have grown. However when we are seeing characters who used to be in every episode being dwindled down to several episodes a season it becomes very frustrating, because it seems like every episode we are meeting new people. Simply put, 1 hour a week isn’t enough time to fit all of the characters of Lost into an episode.

For example, Wednesday’s episode featured 75% Desmond. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like his story, he is very interesting. But I don’t feel the same about him as I do the original survivors. He is relatively new to the story and, I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous that he is taking screen time from some of my favorites. They are the reason I started watching so many years ago, not these new characters.

I think my frustration comes with knowing that Lost has a time limit. The writers have been quoted as saying they would like to tell the story in about 100 episodes which leads us to a series finale next season. At this rate it doesn’t leave me much time to figure out where did Rose and Bernard take off to and answer some of the islands other questions.

Please Lost writers bring the focus back to the orignal survivors, you…or someone put them on the island for a reason!

Mike Morrison