>For the past couple of weeks, I have unabashidly attacked Calgary radio station Vibe 98.5 for continuing to play Chris Brown, I have done so not once, but twice. In turn, I praised Energy 101.5 for not only taking off Brown off their rotation but announcing their bold in a press release. In a time where so many radio stations, media outlets and celebrities were cowardly straddling the fence on the issue, this radio station publicly declared their distaste towards Brown and his actions.

And while the fight between Brown and Rihanna is no longer in the major spotlight, many people don’t know that Chris is still in court fighting the charges against allegedly attacking Rihanna, even though there is quite the damaging police report.
So I was surprised last night when on the radio I heard Chris Brown Forever, not on Vibe 98.5 but instead on Energy 101.5. I was so surprised that I checked the radio dial just to be sure that I hadn’t end up on the wrong station. Unfortunately, I wasn’t mistaken. Now I’m hoping this is simply a mistake, because with the Brown case still open, I would hope that Energy didn’t back down and cave to pressure from record labels, etc. If Energy is really the radio station they say they are, they owe it to their listeners (who are mostly women) to stick to their initial policy about playing Chris Brown’s music. They should continue to let Vibe 98.5 make the poor examples of themselves, they do it way better.
I’ve emailed the program director of Energy to get a comment and will share it will you as soon as get it, (update below) but if my facebook page is any indication, many people are still not happy with Chris Brown’s music being played anywhere.
Here are some examples:
  • “Radio stations that play his music are supporting some who VIOLENTLY ATTACKED his significant other and to me that says that they are supporting him. I won’t be the one to put money into his pocket… will you? “-Lacey
  • “He deserves nothing then to be put 6ft under where no one can hear him sing but the devil rejects.”-Jared
And in case any of you forgot….

If you are a victim of abuse (man or woman) there are hundreds of amazing resources for you to get help. If it happened once, it will happen again. Here is a link for just some of them.

“Our ban is still happening. No change. The Sat nite track was a mistake.” -Rob Mise, program director.

Mike Morrison

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