Things aren’t looking good for Canada’s biggest media giants.

According to an article on Reuters, Canwest Global Communications is this close to filing for bankruptcy. This is the company that owns The National Post, Global TV and pretty much ever municipal paper that doesn’t feature a Page 6 Girl in a Bikini. You know which ones I’m talking about.

The company is slashing as much as they can, while the outlook for newspapers continues to look dismal.

And this one last week their cuts effected moi personally because my beloved The Q got cut. This is the blog that I’m apart of with the Calgary Herald. The Q pretty much was my big break after my friend Megan recommended me to join. Writing for the Q gave me and Mike’s Bloggity Blog some major exposure and I’m so disappointed that it won’t be going to continue. There is talk of the writers banning together and forming a new super-blog so you’ll have to stayed tuned for that one.

Until then Canwest has got some thinking and some planning to do. Hey maybe they can think about bringing back Train 48. It probably won’t help, but I’d sure be happy!

Mike Morrison