Short answer: Yes. But this is a blog, so let me elaborate for word-count sake.

When we saw that Alyssa Edwards was coming to town, we knew immediately that we wanted to get tickets. In a world, where there are seemingly 25 new drag performers a day, Edwards has seemingly risen to the top of the crop. And she’s done it by doing what she does best: Being Alyssa Edwards.

Wait. In case you don’t know, I guess I should explain who Alyssa Edwards is. She’s the breakout star of two seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s also appeared as a guest on later seasons of the show several times. And she has her own Netflix show called Dancing Queen, where she runs a dance studio in her hometown of Mesquite, Texas.

All this combined to make getting a ticket to her show a no brainer, then I saw the ticket price.

With fees and taxes, it came to close to $100. I initially hesitate. I don’t know why that number caught me off guard, I thought maybe it would closer to $50 or $60. So we waited a little while, but we eventually decided that someone of Alyssa’s calibre was worth seeing, no matter the cost.

And goodness, are we ever glad that we did.

Alyssa’s show, “Alyssa: Memoirs of a Queen.” recently had a run in London’s West End and is now making its way across Canada. The show is a mix of musical numbers, and theatrical monologues detailing how Alyssa came to terms with her place in life and on stage. It was sweet, sincere, fun and refreshingly charming. We danced, we laughed and just had a really good time. There’s no denying that Alyssa is a star and and well worth the $100…if not more.

Mike Morrison