I’ve always said that the one thing that the Zune had over the Ipod was the fact that it had a FM Radio in it.

Well Steve Jobs obviously reads Mike’s Bloggity Blog, because he just announced that the next generation of Ipod Nano’s will have the FM Tuner built right in.
Other announcements today include:
  • New colours and pricing for the Ipod Shuffles ($59 for 2GB, $79 for 4GB.)
  • Genius will now work on all Ipods. This is my favourite Apple feature! You will love it too!
  • The iPod Classic is getting bigger (160GB) for the same price, $249.
  • Nanos will now have cameras for photos and video. Thus eliminating any form of privacy you ever thought possible.
  • Not much changing on the Ipod Touches, except a price drop and the addition of a 64GB Touch.
  • You can now buy Itunes LP, which comes with album art, lyrics and photos.

Mike Morrison