Several months ago I wrote about My Ipod, more specifically my top 5 most played songs. My problem I run into is when I find a song I love, I listen and listen and listen to it non-stop until I can’t stand the song anymore. I don’t really know why I do this, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be genetic.

On December 8th, 2006 my Top 5 most listen Ipod songs were:

5. Eva Avila-Meant to Fly (20 times) This has brought much shame to my family.

4.Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars (21 times) I blame Meredith Grey

3.John Mayer- Waiting on the World to Change (25 times)No shame here folks, it’s all love.

2.The Fray-Look after you (27 times) My favorite CD of 2006

1.Chantal Kreviazuk- Waiting for the sun to shine. (29 times) Still a personal fave!

So that was nearly two months ago. I got to thinking yesterday after a week of listening to the same song over and over, “I wonder what my Top 5 is now?” I’ll reveal my newest addiction at the end of this entry, but for now…let’s take a look and see what we got!

5. John Mayer-Dreaming with a broken heart (23 times)

4. The Fray- Hundred (23 times)

3. John Mayer-Waiting on the World to Change (29 times)

2.Chantal Kreviazuk-Waiting for the Sun (31times)

1.The Fray-Look After You (43 times!)

Wow, I’m actually kinda disappointed by these results. But you see what I mean, I really just listen to the same music over and over. I’m obviously open to any other recommendations if anybody has them. If you calculate it, I’ve spend 183.61 minutes listening to Look After You. That’s just over 3 hours. I think that might be excessive, but I’m not sick of it yet. And I feel the need to point out that I like this song long before it was on Laguna Beach!

I’m happy to announce that Eva hasn’t been played since November 30th, which means her total play time remains at 20. This is a big step for me and feel like this is the first step in my family accepting me as someone with sometimes awful music choice!

The newest entry to the Top 25 list is one Molly Rankin. Who is this might you ask? Well she is the daughter of John Morris, the late member of The Rankin Family, who died in 2000. I was super fortunate to see a show from reunion tour a couple weeks back and Molly came out and played a song of her own, which appears on The Rankin’s new CD Reunion. The song is called Sunset and it is my newest addiction. Currently it can be found at the #20 position with 19 plays, but it is moving up quickly. I’m serious here, the other day I went for a walk (yes Erin, I’m 64 years old) and listened to ONLY this song the entire time. I love it! I can definitely see it being played on Veronica Mars or Grey’s Anatomy. I also have a not so secret crush on the 2nd year Dalhousie student, she is pretty freakin’ cute! It’s a shame you can’t buy the song Itunes, but I definitely recommend you buying the CD! It’s worth it to remember all those maritime summers!

Here is an interesting article on Molly Rankin. Thanks google!

Mike Morrison