Finally Canadians are getting a break on the Iphones and Rogers. Either today or tomorrow, you should be expecting an announcement that Rogers is losing their exclusive rights over the Iphone. Next month, they’ll have to start sharing the 3GS with Telus and Bell!


Oh…and what’s that sound? That’s me calling Rogers to cancel my plan. I’ve been waiting for months for Rogers to help me get a phone that I don’t have to plug in every night and doesn’t erase my most called numbers. I’ve been on a waiting list for over two months for help and yet, nothing. Unfortunately, it seems that you have to be a complete asshole to a Rogers employee to be able to get anything from them and I just can’t do that…I usually just end up crying. I just want to pay the same that a new customer is paying, I don’t think that’s crazy. Especially since I’ve been a customer for four years.
So now I’m waiting. I’m waiting to finally see competitive prices on the IPhone data plans. I’m sorry Rogers, I tried. I really, really did. But I’ll be calling you the day the new phones are announced.
Make me an offer Bell or Telus. Your move.

Mike Morrison