I have a secret.  A couple of months ago I almost cracked and bought an Ipad. Yes, I was one of those people. Ugh.  Ipad.  Who needs them, right?  Wrong.  I needed one.  I wanted one.  I actually went all the way to the Apple store to buy one but finally came to my senses when I realized you couldn’t watch flash products on it.  Since my main reason for wanting to have it was to watch TV shows when I wasn’t home or too lazy to get out of bed, the Ipad instantly became unattractive.  And before you start getting your feathers all ruffled, I wasn’t planning on illegally downloading shows.  I was thinking more the streaming video that is available on Global TV, CityTV and CTV.

So I passed.  It hurt.  But it was what was best for me and more importantly, my bank account.

Now City TV is screwing everything up.  They are the first network to come up with a free Ipad App that allows you to watch their shows for free on your super geeky device.   How is annoying is that?  By annoying I mean, “shit, now I have to buy an Ipad.”

Thanks to the new App you can watch shows like Modern Family, 30 Rock, Cougar Town and Murdoch Mysteries (yes, MURDOCH MYSTERIES) all for free!  For free!  That’s worth buying the Ipad itself.

Great.  I’m already convincing myself.  Damn you City TV,

Mike Morrison

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  1. The app is pretty slick. Combine that with Netflix, iTunes, and a slingbox, and you have everything you need for your iPad. Just buy one, you won’t regret it.

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