Quick who knew that Jordin Sparks released her debut CD a couple of weeks ago.  Quicker, do you even remember who Jordan Sparks is? Hint: She won the title of America’s #1 show. 

That’s right our little American Idol released her first CD and it debut with the smallest numbers of any other American Idol winner ever.  So let’s just pretend that didn’t even happen and shall we please welcome last season’s runner up Blake Lewis to the world of the post-idol CDs with his debut CD Audio Daydream.
He could go either way.  He could falter like Diana Degarmo or soar like Chris Daughtry.  He might even end up some where in the middle like Josh Gracin and Kellie Pickler.
And because the internet is an amazing thing you are able to listen to Blake’s debut CD for free, even though it comes out TOMORROW (December 4th)!  I listened to it a couple of times today and do you know what?  It’s not that bad.  It’s super catchy and everyone that came in to my office couldn’t help but do a little head bop.
You can listen to it at one of my favorite sites here.
I dare you to listen to the first single “Break Anotha” only once.  I triple dare you!
Also, check out the super cool/retro CD cover.  At least Blake is staying the artist that he promised he was going to be!

Mike Morrison