When So You Think You Can Dance Canada premieres tonight on CTV, the dancers better keep one thing in mind: Hip-Hop King Luther Brown is watching you.  The immensly popular judge is returning for his third season of the hit dance show and I got the chance to talk to him about he’s looking for, how to be a succesful dancer in Canada and a surprising new project that is going to “take over the entire world!”

What can you tell us about this year’s crop of dancers?
They are definitely sexier.  It is going to be a really sexy,  a lot of showmanship, a lot of performance.

After two seasons, are the dancers getting smarter?
They are.  I think on top of being smarter, we have a batch of kids that really want to be stars.

What are the dancers doing differently?
You can tell that there are people who know how to connect with the camera. It is not just what you wear and what you look like.  It is that energy that they comes out and a lot of people brought that personal energy out. And it doesn’t hurt that a lot of people came with body too.  It is going to be great candy for the eyes and mind.

When you are judging, what you specifically looking for?
First of all, I don’t want a boring show.  So when I’m looking for people, on top of having big skill, I look for people that have stage presence and know how to dance big.  I look for dancers who know how to make the moves look bigger and come to life. And they need to be able to adapt to any type of situation.

Dancers are now being considered major celebrities, did you ever think that would happen?
It is crazy!  Dancers have always been celebrities, but with all the new shows and success on the internet, it is putting them on a whole new platform of celebrity.

When you are casting your own projects, do you try to draw from SYTYCDC alumni?
Yeah, if someone is great, they are in your mind and you always want to use them for other stuff.  I’ve always used them for different things after the show.  I’ve worked with Nico, Vincent and Natalie, I’ve worked with them alot.

Besides judging the show, what else do you have on the go?
I have an artist that I just signed to my label and signed a major deal with Capital Records. She’s about to come out and take over the entire world.  Her name is Trish and it is about to be a beast!!!!     Outside of that, I’m still working with lots of artists, writing and just travelling and teaching and working in Vegas.  I’m also working right now on the tour with The Backstreet Boys. And I’m about to start with Keshia Chanté.  Always going, going, going.

Since you are so busy, how do you keep happy?
You know what, I think when you love it, it automatically makes you happy.  So even when it gets really busy or really stressful, I just need a vacation. But every time I get back into a room and need to make up a routine, it feels good, you know? And everytime I go across this world and talk to these kids and teach them routines, how they look back at you makes up for it.

Do you have to be a on SYTYCDC to a be a successful dancer in Canada?
I don’t think it is a pre-requisite.  It definitely helps you.  After being on a show like this, your visitbility factor is major.  People know you, you become a household name.  It adds to the “pros”.

If a dancer auditioned and didn’t make the show, what advice to you have for them?
They need to do what dancers do.  Before we had the show, Canada had a ton of successful dancers working all over the world. It is not like you don’t make it on the show you need to go get a day job.  You need to just keep focus and doing what you do.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada premieres tonight on CTV.

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Mike Morrison