How many days is it until LOST comes back? In the past couple of days I’ve become obsessed. And has we get closer and closer to the premiere of the last season on February 2nd, it has become easier and easier to get my Dharma fix.

Here’s how I’ve been doing it:
  • SPACE network is re-airing the fifth (and AMAZING) season of LOST, four nights a week. Upon the second viewing, I still have no idea what the hell happened.
  • There is tons of free LOST stuff on Itunes right now. You can get the entire 2-hour pilot, season recaps for each season and a complete 1-5 season season re-cap.
  • Then if you are really hungry for LOST, you can find out how each of your favourite characters would make a sandwich. Trust me, it is funnier than it sounds.
  • Hurley has been pretty busy during the break, check out the Mr. Cluck’s commercial he filmed during his down time!
  • CTV.ca also has quick cuts of every single episode from seasons 1-5. These are like mini-episodes and they have been completely re-cut and re-scored! CTV.ca also plays episodes of the Little Hobo. Just in case you were curious.
  • But by far my most favourite LOST video has to be the complete series recap in eight minutes and fifteen seconds. It’s sounds strange to say, but this recap actually clears up a lot of the stuff LOST’s writers threw at us over the past five years! Sadly it has no mention of Rose or Bernard, two of my favorites.

Mike Morrison