After months and months of anticipation, Calgary’s first cat cafe finally opens its doors this weekend, and it’s…wait for it…purrfect.

I know I have a kitty of my own already, but I’ve been so excited about this place to open, just because it’s so innovative. Cat cafes have been around for a while in bigger cities, but it’s so awesome to see something really cool like this open in Calgary.  Although, I did just hear that Seoul has a goat cafe, so I hope there’s more of these types of cafes to come!  A puppy pub, perhaps?

The Regal Cat Cafe is located in the heart of Kensington and the second you walk in, you’ll feel warm from the truly beautiful design. If you’re not a fan of cats, you can go into the cafe and enjoy local coffees, teas and snacks. But if you want to play with the cats, then you can sign up. There’s a $10 fee, and you get to play with the cats for 45 minutes.  All the cats are through the and yes, they are adoptable.   There’s always a few drop in spots available, but you can also make reservations.

I love the concept of a cat cafe for so many reasons. It’s unique and gives you something different to do. But it’s also great for people who maybe want a cat, but can’t have one for whatever reason. And then there’s the idea of sorta testing out a cat. By that I mean, if you’re looking for a cat that has certain personality, or looking for a special bond, how better than to hang out with a whole bunch of them at once!

Welcome to Calgary, Regal Cat Cafe!  You’ll be seeing a lot of me.

Mike Morrison