>The other day I mentioned the great HMV Save Green, Go Blu DVD Campaign.

Well this Saturday it’s going to get a little better!
This Saturday and this Saturday only, you can bring in 10 DVDs and HMV will give you an extra $10 credit towards your BluRay purchases!

So that means on top of $7 for every DVD you bring in,  (which HMV will donate to DVD charity) you get an extra $10 for every 10 DVDs!
That works out to $80 towards new FOX/MGM Blu Ray DVDs.
It was a tough decision, but I’m ready to bid farewell to over 20 of my DVDs.  My movies have been great to me, but I’m ready to move on in the way that Rihanna was not.
So which DVDs are making the long trek to the nearest HMV?
The list includes: Speed, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Hotel Rwanda, History of Violence, Hellboy, The Italian Job (old and new), The Perfect Storm, Changing Lanes, Finding Nemo (extra copy), Atlantis, Shark Tale, A Series of Unfortunate Events, What Lies Beneath, Gone in 60 Seconds, Crash (extra copy), March of the Penguins, The Mummy and Rent!
My Blu-Ray is going to be very very happy!

Mike Morrison