Last night, my friend Nick and I went and checked out a fellow Frederictonian David Myles play at the Rivoli on Queen St. Even though we are from the same town and basically know all the same people, I have never seen David in concert, but I have always heard rave reviews. And I’m glad to say the reviews were fitting of what can be describes simply as a really great and entertaining show. Myles has a smooth personality that mixes with his music perfectly. My only disappointed that the show ended so quickly. What I really liked about his music was that it was just easy to listen to. You could still chat with your friends and at the same time enjoy a solid mix of folk/blues/acoustic. I can’t believe I had never seen him perform up until now.

Unfotunately this means that my quest to become the most famous person from Fredericton is getting harder and harder.

There is already Opera-superstar Meesha Brueggergosman, who has already had her own episode of Cribs and a couple of Junos to her name.

Then there is the star of the hilarious Nicorette/flight attendant commercials Anna Silk, who just guest-starred on The Ghost Whisper a couple of days ago.

Kel from Survivor: Australia (the beef jerky guy) calls Fredericton home.

Not to mention uber-talented actress Natalie Roy, who has already gotten on the cover of The Daily Gleaner

Oh well, at least I have David Myle‘s music to help me get through the hard times. Anyone else craving Beef Jerky?

Mike Morrison