>9 lessons learned while watching American Idol’s results show:

-Antonio Banderas has always been and will always be creepy.
-Only Melinda could make squatting look classy.
-The more clothes that Fergie wears the more boring she gets.
-I kinda look like Jeffrey Katzenberg. Cool?
-Martina McBride stole her hip rocking moves from Carrie Underwood.
-Simon proved what a class act he was by addressing the “rolling the eyes incident”.
-Every time Ryan Seacrest meets someone in Hollywood that is bald, he must bring up how much they look like Phil. Even if they are black. Not cool Ryan.
-I think Lakisha might be Sanjaya’s mom.
-There is a god. Goodbye Sanjaya.

UPDATE: Yes, the homeless looking man that Ryan interviewed about tuesday’s show was BJ, as in The Hippies/BJ & Tyler from the Amazing Race 8. I knew he looked familiar!

Mike Morrison