I know that Earth Day was technically yesterday and every blog you went to inundated you with useful “Being Green” tips.  So much so, that you probably got annoyed right?  Admit it, even David Suzuki would find it a little annoying.

Well that’s why I didn’t write about it yesterday.
And that is also why I’m going to write about Earth Day today!
Here are my super easy/super lazy ways I try to be green.  
1. Cotton Bags: Not just for smelly hippies and weird parents anymore.  Cotton Bags are so much easier to use than plastic bags.  You can fit more of your groceries in to them, plus they aren’t going to rip in the middle of the parking lot like plastic bags do, thus saving your from looking like a tool. Bonus points: With cotton bags, no one can see how many lucky charms you actually buy every week.
2. Stop Idling:  No I’m not referring to asking that special someone out or paying that phone bill.  I mean your car, stop idling your car.  Some crazy extremists will say you shouldn’t even idle your car at stop lights, but that is a little excessive and dangerous, especially if you are drive a Saturn and are just happy it turned on the first time.  But if you are waiting to pick someone up outside their building or checking out “the ladies of the night”, shut off your engine.  Aside from cutting down on emissions and making it easier to be sneaky, it saves you money…which in turn means a higher quality lady of the night.  Or whatever you do with your extra pennies.
3. Unplug stuff:  This can be answered with one simple question-Why is your cell phone charger plugged in to the wall, but not your phone?  What exactly are you charging?  Unless you are like me and find the action of plugging and unplugging things exhausting, then unplug the stuff you aren’t using.  This includes toasters, no matter how brave they are.
4. Recycle: Everyone hates taking the garbage out.  So if you recycle you have far less garbage to take out.  You see where I’m going with this.  Recycling actually allows you to be even more lazy.  It’s a win-win.
5. Walk As the laziest person in the world, the idea of getting fat is my kryptonite.  That’s why I try to walk to places as much as possible.  In Calgary, this isn’t very easy, but it’s worth the effort.  I’m proud to say that my car is 4 years old and I just hit the 50,000km mark.  And that includes driving across the country.  Plus walking isn’t as boring as you might think, especially if you are like me and like to barge out onto streets making cars stop last minute.  I usually give a friendly hello to counter-act their profanities.
So those are my easy/lazy ways I contribute to being green?  What do you do?

Mike Morrison


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