>I was in the lounge at the hotel last night (still in Houston) and was enjoying my conversations with a bunch of different people that would come in and out of the lounge. But it was the conversation that I wasn’t apart of that really struck a chord. It reminded me of something you would read on Overheard in NYC!

Big Lesbian Woman (On Cell Phone): ” Whats new with me? Oh nothing too much. Oh wait, yeah I got new dog! Yeah another one. Well my neighbor was killed in a murder suicide with her boyfriend, so the dog had post traumatic stress syndrom. Oh it’s a Irish Settler, its pretty cute, a little over weight. Besides that, not too much, you know me, work work work.”

I swear to God (or my equivalant, which right now is Crispy M&Ms)

I wish you could have seen mine and my bosses face!!! Did the woman on the other end ask about the murder suicide! No! She asked what kind of dog it was! I don’t know if this was funny or sad, I’m going to choose funny!

3 days down, 2 to go!

Mike Morrison