>I’ve always loved travelling. I don’t know if this is the right word, but it’s romatic. Everyone trying to get somewhere, to be with someone. To see their family or friends. I also think travelling, especially by yourself (tear), allows you to have your own little TV moment. Thanks to television, I have a bunch of famous scenes with people sitting in the window seat staring off in the distance, as if they are about to make a big decision or confront some sort of personal demon. Most notably, I think of the Season 2 Finale of Buffy….with Sarah staring out the bus window as she decides to leave Sunnydale for good, or until the summer hiatus is over. All with Sarah Mclaughlin playing in the background. Classic Moment.

Everytime I travel I insist on the window seat, this is for numerous reasons, the first being the fact the my elbow is now numb from being hit by the beverage cart so much. But also, I love sitting at the window, putting on a great song, and staring out the window. Am I pretending I’m on a show? Maybe. But also, I’m usually thinking about what I’ll do when I get to my final destination, who will I see, what will I do.

Today, I’m leaving for home for christmas. It’s a short trip, really only 4.5 days. I’ve already checked in and..SCORE, I have a window seat. I hope there is someone like Helen Keller sitting beside me. Quite and Reserved. I also haven’t decided what song I’ll listen to as the plane takes off to complete my own Buffy moment. Right now, I’m thinking City and Color’sI’m coming home.” It’s perfectly fitting for my fake TV moment.

Mike Morrison