If you could have one conversation with anyone in the world? Who would it be?

If I could talk to one person in the world, I definitely think it would have to be Ricky Gervais. Actually, I did have the opportunity to talk to him once but I was only allowed one single question and he was still hilarious. I can’t imagine what a whole conversation would be like! Coming in a close second would be Rick Mercer with Jeff Probst holding steady in third!

So why am I asking this random question?  Well WIND Mobile just announced a great new contest that will give five Canadians the opportunity to talk to anyone they want in the world.

To make these conversations happen, WIND Mobile will donate over a half a million dollars to Canadian charities. Once WIND confirms the winners, WIND will donate $100,000 on behalf of the chosen personalities for having the conversations. An additional $100,000 will also be donated to the six most popular charities as voted for online at www.BestConversationEver.ca.

The best part about the whole contest?  I’m a judge! Yes!  The guy that couldn’t get a single person to call him during high school is now helping choose the five winners of this potentially life-changing contest!  So what I am I going to do with my new found power?  Besides abuse it in an attempt to get free things at Arby’s, I’m beyond thrilled to help charities rack up some serious cash!!!

So how do you and your charities get to win?  Well, head on over to the website for all the details.  (Let’s just say that if you’re creative and well spoken, you should have this contest in the bag.) The competition kicked off on January 24th and runs until March 7, 2011.  The winners will be selected by a panel of WIND judges and industry leading bloggers.

It’s the age old adage, if you wanna win, you gotta send me bribes….I mean, enter.

Good luck!  I’m already rooting for you!

Mike Morrison