American Idol is back tonight!


Canadian Idol is taking the year off and maybe it’s time that it’s older sibling should consider the option. Of course taking AI off the air would cripple the FOX network like it was no ones business. What you think Prison Break is carrying that network? Hell to the no!

But this is america, I’m guessing will be seeing this show at least until the cast of John and Kate Plus Eight are able to audition. I can’t wait to see Simon rip into Maddy. That seven year old has it coming!

The good news is that American Idol is acknowledging some of the problems it’s been facing the last couple of years (I’m talking to you season 6) and making some big changes. There is a new judge Kara DioGuardi, the always entertaining Hollywood Week will air over two weeks, instead of just one. And this year the show will be going back to it’s old format of the top two singers from each round making it to the finals. They even brought back the wild card, which saved Clay Aiken back in season two. And aren’t we all thankful for that? Hello? Anyone?

So what do you think, Are you done with American Idol? Do you think Ben Mulroney will somehow find a way to sneak on to the show? Why don’t they ever invite Taylor Hicks to be back on the show?

Mike Morrison