>Thursday night wrap up:

American Idol: I got right 2 of the 4 eliminees sent home. I have a feeling, even though he is the worst, that we are going to be stuck with Sundance for while. People seem to love him even though he hasn’t done well since is 1st audition! Come on America pick up those phones and give him the boot! Also, I can’t believe that J.Lo and Gwen Stefani are going to be on the show! Wow! I guess this American Idol thing is here to stay. Now if we could just find a way for me to replace Canadian Idol host Ben “no personality” Mulroney.

Grey’s Anatomy: To start, I like that CTV is airing it at 7pm now. So early and it helps me get in all the TV I had to! I think they copped out on the whole “death” thing. Anyother person would have died under those conditions. If they weren’t planning on killing Meredith they should not have a made her situation so dire, or given it to another character. Also, does anyone have any bets on how long George’s silent treatment will last this time. And hopefully, this is the last we’ll see of Denny. Enough is enough.

The Office: I ended up missing most of it because I was talking on the phone! (for shame) The scenes I did catch though were, of course, perfect. I was suprised by the serious tone they took with Pam and Roys “relationship”. He was actually scary. That is why this show is so great, it has found it’s niche somewhere between comedy and drama. That and Toby.

Scrubs: I’m cufused to why Pvt. Dancer is still on the show. They never a patient that isn’t a guest star on longer for more than 1 episode. I feel like there is so much more to his story. Also, when is J.D.’s pregnant girlfriend coming back?

30 Rock: This show actually kills me. I love it. I feel like it is a somewhat actual portrayal of what backstage of a show like this is like. Obviously they up the comedy, but I bet it is just as wacky and unpredictable. If you haven’t seen this show yet, CTV is airing in on Sunday afternoon.

I can’t remember any funny lines from the shows last night? Anyone want to jog my memory?

Mike Morrison