>…and lived to talk about.

In an effort to prepare myself for the upcoming fall tv season, I decided that I should start getting in shape.  Because, lord knows, when the new shows come back on, I won’t be leaving my couch. So yes, I’m banking exercise time.

I decided to take a spinning class at GoodLife Fitness at Richmond Centre here in Calgary.  I had always heard about these spinning classes and naively thought, how hard could it be?  I’m a relatively healthy guy, I  eat McDonalds weekly and I think I ran to Blockbuster like last month or something like that.
The following is some of the thoughts that rushed through my head during John’s spinning class on Tuesday night. Please note, they are edited for language and crudeness.
  • “They said the class was 50 minutes, they meant 15 minutes right?  They sound an awful lot alike.”
  • “I think my sweat pores are broken.”
  • “Would would it take to get one of these bikes to run me over.”
  • “Why does the instructor keep yelling? I wonder what happened to him as a child that he wants to inflict such pain upon us?”
  • “I really should  have peed before class. I think it’s coming through my sweat glands.”
  • “How close is the nearest McDonalds?”
  • “Is that old lady even sweating?!?  How is she even alive?!?”
  • “Why have I never written my will.  I’d leave my TIVO for my mom.”
  • “Seriously why does the instructor hold so much resentment?!  And it looks like he is enjoying it too much!”
And then the class was done.  I actually had fun and will probably go back again. The instructor was really great and kicked my ass just enough.  And whatever ass I had left was destroyed by the bike seat anyway.
When do the new shows start again?

Mike Morrison