As many of my friends and family are returning to school today, either to learn or to teach, I can’t help but laugh at the typical question that will be asked of most students. “What did you do this summer?” Since this is my SECOND September not returning to school, I feel that less and less people ask me this very question. So I’ve decided to ask myself this very question, and respond with a little photo essay!

Love Boated It!

Loved the kids more than ever!

Went to a wedding (Tony and Natalie!)

Went to Vancouver to visit Erin (And ran into lauren and adrianne too!)

Hung out in Lethbridge and Watertown with Cousin Leslie!

Hit up L.A with my credentials bitches! (sorry!)

In summary it was an amazing summer! I can’t wait to see what the fall has to bring. A new job, a new apartment and a couple of surprises up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

Mike Morrison