>So I’m sitting here on a Thursday night, enjoying The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. But I need someones HELP. I’m currently completing DEAL OR NO DEAL application!! They need me to write about my most embarassment moment. Seeing as how, thanks to my therapist, I’ve blocked out most of my high school years. I’ve narrowed that embarrasing moment to 2 choices.

1. The time I met Marie Osmond and she thought I had cancer.

2. My god awful New Brunswick Government commercial, that made “Mommy, Is Daddy coming home for christmas” the regret heard around the world. Or at least Skyline Acres.

However, I feel like I’m missing some. I want to be sure that I haven’t forgotten a good juicy tidbit that will seal the deal, so that I can knock fist with Howie Mandell.

Anyone have any suggestions? Did I leave out your favorite Michael Morrison is god awful embarrasing story!

Feel free to leave it in the comments, come on don’t be bashful!

Mike Morrison