>So here I am Day 3 in London….oh shit I mean Hong Kong. You’ll excuse me if I keep getting confused. Hong Kong is really interesting because if it wasn’t for my airline ticket saying that I was in Hong Kong I would have a hard time remember. I mean yes obviously, I know that this giant city was under british rule for a very long time but I guess I underestimated the definition of “rule”. I think I thought it would be a bit like the Province of Quebec. Yes, it’s a part of Canada but aside from using the same currency the similarities stop there. Many places in Quebec don’t (won’t speak English) and they sell liquor in convenience stores. That place is just nuts.

Hong Kong is completely different. My first day hear I haven’t even had to try to speak cantonese or struggle to understand what someone is saying. Everything is in English. We went to Starbucks (don’t judge, I blame the jetleg-which is killing me by the way) and ordered just like I would down the street in Calgary. All the menus are in English. All the subway announcements are in english (I will mind the gap, thank you.)

Last night we went to a friend’s charity event. It was a comedy club on Peel St. I ordered a Heiniken and everything spoke english. Like I send: London…or even Toronto for that matter.

Hong Kong is so far pretty cool. But so so so different than what I thought it would be. Over the next couple of days I”m going to do the “pick a subway stop and get off” game and see what I can find. I know that there has to be some really authentic Chinese neighborhoods. Or even one without a Starbucks.

From what my friends tell me, the China I’m looking for will be thrown in my face when I land in Beijing on Monday. And while I’ll be staying at a 5 Star hotel (hello part time job discount), I can’t wait to see that city. Especially before the Olympics because lord knows what it will look like after.

Mike Morrison