>I love reality shows.  I love them alot.  That’s why I tried out for this, that, this too, yup this one and I’m still mad about this.

I think its pretty clear that I’m pretty willing to do anything to cross the threshold to D-List 15 minute celebrity.  Take that high school bullies.
So that is why I keep my eye on reality show auditions.  But there was a new one that was announced this week….well not exactly new: So You Think You Can Dance Canada!
It will be holding it’s auditions over the next couple of weeks all over Canada (info here).  And there is even going to be one where I work.  Which is pretty cool.  No word yet on the judges, host (me please) or even the prize.  But my dancer roomie is going so I’ll be sure that I get all the scoop from here.
Now seriously where is our amazing race canada?

Mike Morrison