>…..April Fools!

Finally we get to the one hour American Idol episodes. It’s about freaking time. So let’s not waste time. We have a lot to cover.

Brooke White starts us off tonight’s with the huge hit “Jolene”. Have you ever heard the Leann Womack version? Not bad as well. It’s nice to see Brooke not behind a piano or in a yellow dress. I thought broke did Ok, but the song required the anger that I don’t think that Brooke has. She was missing the bite song normally has. Also Brooke, your constant excuses and comments for you performances are getting frustrated.

David finally does his own arrangement and it’s to Dolly’s “Little Sparrow” no less. His time with Dolly was weird, it’s almost like he was happy to give some of his time to her. It was weird. But at the end of the day it was typical David Cook. Strong and emotional.

I don’t really know what to say about Ramiele. I mean really, how many chances can we give her? I think she is out of her league and hopefully she has her bags packed and ready to join Danny Noriega on the cruise.

Jason comes out with his guitar, the third acoustic performance of the night. I liked his version of “Travelling through.” Is it me or do you think it would make a great Jason Castro theme song. Two thumbs up!

I think a lot of people are going to remember that Simon told Carly Smithson to dress better and I have to agree. She isn’t dressing like a star that her performances are making her out to be. I don’t know what the judges problem is tonight…I thought she did great. Stupid Canadian citizanship.

David Archuleta feels like “Rocky Mountain Memory” reminds him of his family. Ha! I wish I could reference a song about a scary stage dad here! I’m not going to deny that David can sing…but bloody hell is that kid boring. Probably because he is terrified to go back stage.

Kristi Lee Cook has the dubious task of following up her all American performance, but luckily it’s country music night so Kristi Lee Cook feels right at home with Dolly’s “Coat of many colours”. But I’m actually going to say that I didn’t mind Kristi this week. I thought she looked really good and probably felt really comfortable because she left her shoes off stage. Probably to ward off Papa Archuleta. One of my favourite performances for her so far….not that that is saying much.

Syesha Mercado got the task of singing probably one of the most popular songs ever: “I Will Always Love You.” Syesha did a good job with it, but obviously wasn’t no Whitney or Dolly. I really wish that someone different had gotten this song, someone like Jason Castro or Michael Johns. Now that would have been cool.

Michael Johns has a very famous fan named Dolly Parton. Was she smitten or was she smitten? Michael keeps getting stronger and stronger every week. I don’t know his song (It’s all wrong but it’s alright) very well but he makes it own so much that I literally can’t imagine Dolly singing it. Very well done Michael. (God I love typing that)

Sooooooooo. Who is going home?

I think the bottom three will be:
-Syesha (just cause she always is)
-Brooke White (SHOCKER!)

But no worries Brooke fans. Ramiele will be heading home Wednesday night!

Mike Morrison